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Auto Scaling with Alibaba Cloud

This post is a bit more involved than the previous ones. The format is also a little different. It expects that you are already comfortable with Alibaba ECS and SLB and the concepts around them. So if you are not... Continue Reading →

Discovering Custom Images and Load Balancers on Alibaba Cloud

And so it continues. As promised I continue my journey deeper in to the Alibaba Cloud portfolio and as always I want to take you along. This is second chapter of a number of very simple how-to(s) that cover the... Continue Reading →

Getting Started with ECS on Alibaba Cloud

Okay, so I have been away for a bit. Okay quite a bit. I was in the middle of a lot of change and over the past month and a half quite a few things have changed in my life and... Continue Reading →

Episode 6 – LBaaS – It is all about balance (An Openstack Series)

LBaaS, which is short for Load Balancer as a Service is just another way of saying, if you need a load balancer we have it. Till now you must have figured that running your own OpenStack has allowed you to... Continue Reading →

Setting up a Docker Swarm

We hear about containers everywhere. There are many founding technologies out there with the likes of docker, kubernetes and rkt to name a few. Most of us (the ones who still very much like what we do,) have some sort... Continue Reading →

Episode 5 – Understanding Heat (An OpenStack Series)

What is Heat? And what is the big deal about it? It is the “orchestration” service in OS, it automates configuration and deployment and it is “blah blah blah.” Yes all of us including myself have heard this a thousand... Continue Reading →

OwnCloud (Your very own Dropbox)

Are you interested in having your very own Dropbox like service setup. Then you have come to the right place. A little while ago I came across an opensource application known as “OwnCloud.” OwnCloud provides very similar functionality to the... Continue Reading →

Episode 4 – Entertaining Guests (An OpenStack Series)

I feel its time that we stop discovering and start experiencing. Simply put lets stop installing and configuring things for an Episode or two and start using the the things that we have setup

Episode 3 – Lets heat things up (An OpenStack Series)

You thought it was over. Not even close. We are just getting warmed up (Pun intended.) Where did I disappear to ? Option a: I was on a secret mission. Option b: I was just plain lazy Option c: I... Continue Reading →

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