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Someone who wants to become a travel photographer,  a sketch artist, a technology entrepreneur, a teacher, a violinist, and a good father. For now I am working to be some of those and hopefully the rest will follow some day. Of the many avatars  that I pursue, the one active on this particular blog is related to technology, in specific the cloud phenomenon, that has clouded everyone’s judgement in the tech world…

With this blog my intent is neither to teach nor to provide best practices on doing something. This is my attempt to learn new things and share my experiences in the process. The aim is that it will help people out there trying to do similar things and hopefully I will learn more from the readers who will help me fix the errors in my ways :)… I will attempt to only share content that I have personally tested to work. So all the content you see is proven to work, at least in one environment.

If you want to get in touch please leave me a message here, or you can give me a shout on … linkedinbutton

Please note that all content on this blog represents my views and my views alone and does not represent the views or standing of any other person or organization. Also I am not affiliated with nor do I represent any of the organizations mentioned in my posts. 


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