Understanding OpenVSwitch (An OpenStack SDN component)

Update (26 Dec, 2016): This article was featured on the OpenStack Superuser website: http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/openvswitch-openstack-sdn/ OpenVSwitch is an open source project that allows hypervisors to virtualize the networking layer. This caters for the large number of virtual machines running on one or more physical nodes. The virtual machines connect to virtual ports on virtual bridges (inside... Continue Reading →

Managing Port Level Security in OpenStack

The OpenStack platform, specifically (the networking component) Neutron uses the concepts of Ports in order to connect the various Cloud instances to different networks and the corresponding Virtual Networking devices like Neutron Routers, Firewalls etc. The default security on these ports is quite restrictive and rightly so since the platform is supposed to be an... Continue Reading →

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